Kids Courses Description




  • Drawing & Street Art
  • Clay & Sculpture
  • Clay Wheel

  • Oven-Bake Clay Sculpture
  • Painting & Mediums
  • Vitreous Medium Paint Pouring
  • Printmaking
  • Watercolour
  • Paper Maché

  • A Specialty Theme

  • Artist Inspired Art
  • Traditions & Celebrations
  • Welcoming Decoration

Through passion-driven learning and focus, we encourage creative decision making, leadership and independence. In a nutshell, students have fun making art they can take their time with and that they really want to make! 🙂


How it works

Students choose projects from the medium they are interested in working with during the session or camp. Depending on the project they choose students may be required to complete fun prerequisite projects in order to successfully build the skills required to complete a project. Students will plan out their time in the studio, mapping out which levels they wish to achieve. Students will take as long as they need to complete each project before moving on to the next. Students are encouraged to enjoy the process, not to rush, and to be truly proud of what they accomplish. Our friendly, patient and knowledgeable Teachers are there to present materials, demonstrate usage, and guide students through all levels.


How we keep track of progress

In any session or camp, students who have previously passed skill building levels do not have to start from the beginning. 🙂 They can jump right into more complex projects they choose. We track the students progress through the use of a 4Cats Passbook and our registration system.




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